Pack of 2 VAX Replacement Belts

Pack of 2 Replacement Non Genuine Belts

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Vax Replacement Belts 

To fit Vax models:
VZL-6013 VZL6013
MACH 2 3 & 4
MACH 3 VZL6013 VZL6012 VZL
Widetrack Quicklite V045 V047 X005
Powermax 1600W VRS1-B- VRS1-R VRS3B -VRS3R
Mach 1, 2, XP Magnum Force Astrata
Performance U91-PF-B-T / U90-PF-P-T
Infinity V-044B V044B
Power VX
Power 1 Power 2 Power 3 Power 5 Power 6
V006 / V-060 / VS-18 / VS-19
U88-P3-B Power 3 / U88-P3-P Power 3 
U88-W1-B White & U88-W1-P White Pet 
VEU-101 / VEU-102 Essentials VEU-103 Essentials Pet 
VEU-104 Essentials & VEU-105 Essentials Pet  
Zoom U87-ZM-B / U87-ZM-P / U87-ZM-PF / U87-ZM-R 
U88-T1-T / U88-T2-B / U88-T1-S 
POWER 1 U91-P1 & POWER 2 U91-P2 
Cadence Power Reach V015 V044 V004 
Centrix 3 U89-CX3-B-A
VEU01 VEU02 
Pets U90-VU-P-A / U89-VU-R-A / U88-VU-R-A 
Power 1/2 & Performance Ranges 
U87-W2-B White 
Power 7 Pets & Family U87-P7-PF
Powermax VRS20S /VRS20U 
V-2300U, U87-VU-C 
V-2200U, U87-VU-PP 

Also fits Electrolux models:
Z2940 ZE090 Z4186 Z1480
Powerlite Vitesse Velocity Loopie Enviro 
600 Series Contour Airstream 

Also fits Hoover models:
H1 THE ONE Turbopower 

Also fits Asda models:
Genie Purple Cyclonic GUV-02 Pet 
Genie Purple Cyclonic GUV-01 1400W Express Vac 

Also fits Zanussi models:

Also fits models:
Argos Value Vacuum Cleaner 
BUSH Vacuum Cleaner 

Pack of 2 Replacement Non Genuine Belts