Genuine Vax Upright Replacement Filter Kit (Type 98) 1-1-134233-00

Vax Genuine Replacement Filter Kit (Type 98).

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  • Product Code: 1-1-134233-00
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Vax Genuine Replacement Filter Kit (Type 98).

Fits Models:
U87-ZM-B Zoom Upright
U87-ZM-P Zoom Pet Upright
U87-ZM-R Zoom Reach Upright
U87-ZM-PF Zoom Pet & Family Upright
U86-IB-BE Impact 702 Upright
U86-IB-PE Impact 702 Pet Upright
U86-IA-BE Impact 504 Upright
U86-IA-PE Impact 504 Pet Upright
U86-IA-RE Impact 504 Reach Upright
U86-E2-BE Energise Pulse Upright
U86-E2-PE Energise Pulse Pet Upright
U85-I2-BE Impact Bagless Upright 
U85-I2-PE Impact Pet Bagless Upright 
U85-I3-BE Impact Plus Upright  
U85-I3-PE Impact Plus Pet Upright
U85-I3-RE Impact Plus Reach Upright 
U85-I4-PE Impact Flex Floor Pet Upright
U85-A2-Pe Action Pet Upright
U85-A2-Be Action Upright
U85-DP-Be Dynamo Power Upright
U85-DP-Pe Dynamo Power Pet Upright
U85-DP-Re Dynamo Power Reach Upright
U85-DP-Te Dynamo Power Total Home Upright

Supplied in original Vax packaging.